How Can Mother Technologies Help support any IT Manager/Department?

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Who are Mother? 

Mother was founded in 2002 by Steve Redhead, our Managing Director, alongside Leslie Tulloch as Technical Director. We are a Managed Services Provider with offices in Aberdeen, Edinburgh, and Glasgow with a mission to provide technical support to our customers ensuring that their business continues operating smoothly.    

Our service offerings include IT, Telecom and Connectivity, and with our fully trained engineers having over 100 years of combined experience in all 3 fields, we offer a high-quality, high-value service tailored to your business needs.   

What can we do for you?  

With more than 10 years of experience working within the education sector, we have developed into industry experts providing IT support for institutions like yourself. We offer dependable and secure support saving you time and money and allowing you to have the best resources to deliver your curriculum without having to stress over any IT related issues. 

Security Detection and Response

We can be there to take care of the response part, not just the detection. So, allowing the IT manager to finish on time. No more unexpected overtime. We monitor 24/7. With our Private Data centre, we ensure the strictest levels of cyber security.

24/7 Maintenance

As a busy IT manager, you don’t have time to manage updates at night time when it’s more efficient for the organization; At Mother, we would love to save time on this tedious process. Again, automating this through endpoint management solutions is critical.


We can deploy to be on-site or to support your remotely. Whichever you prefer we can organise a service level agreement which means even when pupils are on holidays, we’ll be there in the shadows to support your IT needs


IT managers are under pressure to cut their budgets with older technology but support more staff at the same time. At Mother we are procurement specialists with partnerships to some of the biggest vendors within the UK. This ensures cost-effective solutions when upgrades are required.

Why Mother?

Our passion is to help you create the safest, most advanced, and sustainable IT environment to support the education of your pupils, Whilst doing it in a most cost-effective way meaning your budget goes further.

The IT requirements of an educational establishment are unique. And we understand them. That’s why we continue to work with educational institutions across Scotland or more importantly why they continue to choose to partner with us, when it comes to IT support for Schools, we’ve over 10 years of experience in working with Schools. When you partner with us, we’ll work with you, around the timetable of the academic year and in line with your annual budget to deliver a unique solution tailored to your establishment.

Want to know how Mother can help your School?

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