Cloud Based Call Recording

Witness Call Recording

Recording telephone calls is an integral part of business. In some cases it’s obligatory, in other cases it may be used for reference, training, quality management or security reasons. Mother Technologies’ call recording solution, Witness, captures all of your calls without the need to purchase or install expensive recording equipment. It is hosted from Mother’s datacentre and delivered as a cloud service on a monthly rental basis.

Witness is a modern cost effective, fully managed, cloud based call recording service that can record calls whether your PBX is hosted or on-premise. It has an intuitive interface that lets you listen to live calls and historical recordings. Recordings can be played on the fly, downloaded or emailed to your inbox. Comments can be added to call records which can be used in later searches.

Witness Call Recording User Interface

Witness is served with a 6 month call retention period which can be increased up to 7 years for organisations regulated by the FCA. It has an extensive API giving clients the ability to integrate Witness with their CRM and DMS software. It is can also be fully integrated with Active Directory.

Witness is compatible with many VoIP protocols like SIP, H323, Siemens (Unify) HFA, Avaya, AASTRA, Ericsson, UniStim (Nortel), H.248 Megaco, Cisco SCCP (Skinny), MS Lync and others.


MD5 SHA-1 guarantees authenticity of recordings for legal purposes

Browser Based

Access Witness from any location via your browser


PCI DSS compliant for taking credit card details over the phone

Granular Security

Limit access to recordings based on user, group, department or site

Live Call Monitoring

Supervisors can see active calls and listen to them whilst they are in progress

Advanced Encryption

Recordings are encrypted to secure unauthorised access using AES-256

Comprehensive Search

Find calls quickly and easily by date, time, extension or inbound or outbound numbers

Audit Trail

Full audit trail of users who have accessed recordings


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