Ethernet over Fibre To The Cabinet


Ethernet Over Fibre-To-The-Cabinet

Ethernet Over FTTC uses the same fabric as FTTC to deliver a high speed internet connection. In other words, it is a partial fibre circuit that uses fibre from your local Exchange to your nearest cabinet. From the cabinet, copper completes the connection to your premises. Unlike FTTC, EoFTTC is not contended. It is a business-grade circuit offering synchronous speeds (same upload and download speed) with guaranteed service levels. It is classed as Ethernet.

Ethernet Over FTTC typically offers synchronous speeds up to 20Mb/s and the download speed can burst up to 80Mb/s. It is an excellent business-grade service that bridges the gap between FTTC and fully-blown end-to-end fibre. EoFTTC is quite comparable to EFM but its download burstability can make it a more attractive proposition.

Ethernet Over FTTC

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