Multi-Site MPLS

Multi-Site Wide Area Network MPLS

Multi-Site Wide Area MPLS Connectivity

Mother can deliver both Virtual Private Network (VPN) and Multiprotocol Label Switching (MPLS) WAN networks, however we very much recommend the latter.
Where a VPN network works by sending encrypted data across public internet connections, a centralised MPLS network delivered by Mother is private, secure and dependable. It doesn’t touch the internet and thus is uncongested with bandwidth guaranteed. Our MPLS networks provide secure data exchange between your sites, allow your system to be managed and protected by centralised applications as well as providing a break out point to the wider public internet.
Typically we install Ethernet circuits to deliver this service, however sometimes broadband circuits can be appropriate for smaller sites. We look at best fit solutions for each of your sites and tailor the build of your network to meet the demands of your business.


All sites link back to one of Mother’s datacentres where they are ‘tied’ together. Our networks are fully managed and capable of carrying voice, data and traffic for multimedia applications. We also offer hosted IT and telecom services, meaning you can fully leverage your connectivity investment via the secure, resilient and centralised delivery of your ICT suite.