myIdentity – a new desktop application that let’s you change your outbound presentation number on the fly.



When you make an outbound call, a number is presented to the recipient. This is known as your presentation number (CLIP – Calling Line Identification Number). This is normally your switchboard number, your direct dial (DDI) number or a number representing your department. Your CLIP is pre-programmed in the telephone system’s configuration, is static and fixed.


Many organisations have branches in different regions with centralised functions located at their head office or nominated site. When centralised staff make outbound calls (on behalf of a regional office) the number presented to the client is the head office number rather than the regional office number which serves the client.

Case & Solution

A large UK Motor Group with 30+ dealerships has a centralised Contact Centre that handles service bookings on behalf of the company’s regional dealerships. When Contact Centre staff place outbound calls to their clients, it is important to the Company that the presentation number is one associated with the client’s regional dealership. With multiple Contact Centre staff working on behalf of multiple dealerships, this is not possible. myIdentity was developed to overcome the problem.

myIdentity let’s you change your presentation number dynamically so you can advertise different numbers associated with your business on the fly.

For the case above, myIdentity provides the Contact Centre staff with a list of all dealerships within the Group; they select the dealership they’re calling on behalf of and a pre-programmed identity change is executed. This changes the caller’s presentation number to one associated with the client’s dealership. It’s a one-click change which maintains the selected identity until another dealership is selected or all dealerships deselected.


  • Bolster you regional presence
  • Dial from your phone or your desktop
  • Supports Screen-grab Select & Dial
  • Eliminate requirement for non-geographic number presentation
  • Centralise outbound calling acitvity without losing your local identity

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