Telephone Lines

Analogue / ISDN2 / ISDN30 / SIP (VoIP)

Telephone Lines

Can be logged via online portal, email or telephone and graded by nature and severity. We give faults priority over work requests and depending on the priority level can move your request to the front of the queue.


If you are a small business or work from home and only require one line with one number, then an analogue line is a straightforward, simple solution. Analogue lines are the fundamental carrier for any broadband service and can adequately fulfil the needs of home workers and small businesses or office branches.

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A single ISDN2e line delivers two voice channels with one phone number which can be used concurrently. Multiple circuits can be used to increase the number of lines, for example two circuits would deliver four lines. Any number of DDI (direct dial in) numbers can be assigned to your lines as it is a digital service.

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ISDN30e is essentially the same as ISDN2e but offers from eight up to 30 voice channels, making it more suitable for larger businesses.

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SIP Trunking / VoIP

This is modern IP (internet protocol) variant of voice delivery allowing you as many voice channels as you’d like. SIP uses the global IP data infrastructure allowing it to be terminated almost anywhere. It is the most flexible, scalable voice solution delivering rich voice quality. All major UK carriers are committed to migrating their infrastructure and services to IP.