Cloud Services

Liberty Desktop Client

The Liberty Desktop Client is an advanced SoftClient for the Liberty Communications Platform



Recording telephone calls is an integral part of business. In some cases it’s obligatory, in other cases it may be used for reference, training, quality management or security reasons. Mother Technologies’ call recording solution, Witness, captures all of your calls without the need to purchase or install expensive recording equipment. It is hosted from Mother’s datacentre and delivered as a cloud service on a monthly rental basis.

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Software as a Service

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Applications don’t have to be purchased. We can deliver them on a rental basis. Applications can be local installations, hosted as part of Hosted Desktop, individually published or streamed.

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Hosted Servers

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Virtual Servers hosted securely in our datacentre delivered to you on a monthly rental basis eliminating expenditure on hardware, maintenance and support.

Our Datcentres

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Mother has data centre facilities in Aberdeen, Edinburgh, Glasgow and Dundee.

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Hosted Desktop

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Hosted Desktop sees the migration of all of your applications to a Remote Desktop Server in the our Datacentre. Everything is managed by us and accessible by you, anytime, anywhere.

Hosted Telephony

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Mother delivers hosted Telephony Solutions from its datacentre using Europe’s No.1 Unified Communications Provider, Unify.