IT Services
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Software as a Service

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Applications don’t have to be purchased. We can deliver them on a rental basis. Applications can be local installations, hosted as part of Hosted Desktop, individually published or streamed.

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Hosted Servers

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Virtual Servers hosted securely in our datacentre delivered to you on a monthly rental basis eliminating expenditure on hardware, maintenance and support.

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Hosted Desktop

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Hosted Desktop sees the migration of all of your applications to a Remote Desktop Server in the our Datacentre. Everything is managed by us and accessible by you, anytime, anywhere.

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Support Agreements

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Flexible Bank of Hours, Fixed-Cost and Combinational contracts with optional 24/7/365 cover to best to suit the needs of your organisation.

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From desktop support to more serious outages, our helpdesk team are here to keep your business running. Most support tickets can be resolved remotely but our team is distributed across Scotland to ensure we can quickly come to site if your problem warrants a visit.

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Whether your data is held in the cloud or stored on local devices, business and personal information is accessible by opportunists and cyber criminals unless appropriate action is taken to protect it. Whilst we are all conscious of the risk, the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) is forcing businesses to act responsibly and take the necessary steps to secure and protect your data.

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Software Licensing

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Mother is a Microsoft Partner accredited to deliver licensing for schools, colleges, charities and businesses. If you want to purchase your licences, subscribe to a rental model like Office 365, or have no idea what best suits, we can help.

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Our consultancy spans the breadth of all ICT systems design, delivery and ongoing maintenance and planning. We can liaise with all 3rd party providers and deliver complete, joined up solutions that work harmoniously. We help you find the best solution to meets your needs and budget.

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Thin Client

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Small footprint, inexpensive, green, low running costs, low support costs, virus immune, long lifespan, secure and trouble free. Thin Client devices have earned their place for a reason!

Internet & Connectivity

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Mother has its own layer 2 network and a full portfolio of voice, data & internet connections to satisfy your private and public connectivity requirements.

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