FAQS- IT support for Schools

IT support for Education 

Frequently Asked Questions 

Why do I need IT to support services for schools?

Maybe you haven’t felt the need to obtain IT support for your school in the form of disaster recovery or even thought about protecting your infrastructure from sudden dangers before, However safeguarding your students is vital in the ever-increasing digital classroom, and so is the need to give your staff access to information for lesson planning and collaboration. With IT support from Mother Technologies, you can get a safe balance between the two

How can you support our organisation?

Our technical experts at Mother Technologies, provide consultancy and flexible support services for schools of various sizes. We offer 24/7 fully managed IT services, such as network support, planning and infrastructure management.

What advantages will I get on availing your service?

With our help, you can get standardised procedures to, efficiently, meet the demands of the various departments of the institution. At the same time, we give you assistance to meet your increasing needs even when your budget for the latest software, hardware and IT personnel, isn’t increasing to the same proportions.

Can you help our School gain a competitive advantage?

Our responsibility is to keep you ahead of the game always. At Mother Technologies, we understand that all educational establishments compete amongst each other. As per the services you offer to the students, we work with you so that you can stand out in the market.

Please get in touch with a member of our team to discuss how we can support your schools IT requirements, which we will tailor to your School’s needs. 

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