Trainee Sales Executives

Are you a people-person looking for a change of direction?

In business, people do business with people; people they like, people they enjoy, people who are switched on, people who can understand and empathise with a customer’s challenges. If you’re a people-person looking for a change of direction then maybe sales is for you?

The attributes of a people-person can’t be taught. You either have it or you don’t. If you have it, you’re one of few and you should capitalise on it. Sales is a lucrative career with ceilingless earning potential for those that have star quality. Being a people-person is a star quality. If you have it, you’re already half way there.

We’re looking for enthusiastic, driven people who can reach out to businesses, build relationships, identify opportuntiies, generate leads and win business via outbound engagement activities.

Mother is looking for savvy sales people to join it sales team in Aberdeen.