About Us


Our mission is to provide a complete and unrivalled personal support service to local businesses that empowers them to take advantage of beneficial on-premise and cloud technologies simplified through a single professional services provider.

Our Story

Mother Technologies has been supporting businesses across Scotland and beyond since 2002. We work with customers of all sizes, budgets and requirements across our Cloud, Connectivity, Telecom and IT service lines. We are headquartered in Aberdeen with branch offices in Edinburgh and Glasgow.

We help our customers to keep business running smoothly. As an integrated ICT provider, our holistic service can come with as much or as little support as you need. Our services allow you to make the right infrastructure investments, minimising unplanned downtime and costs. We focus on account management, making sure you have an interface with the engineers delivering your service, and the attention to detail that you need.

What we offer is a high quality, high value service tailored to your business needs. With our extensive experience and qualified engineers covering both IT and communication networks, we can expertly support the systems you already have, or provide solutions which allow you to take advantage of the latest technology cost effectively.

What we deliver are superior systems at lower cost. We can even take you all the way up to a fixed operational monthly cost for IT and telecom, cutting out unexpected capital expenditures.

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