IT Support for Legal Firms & Solicitors

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Reliable and reactive IT Support for the legal sector

Since 2002, Mother has provided a wide range of IT support services to businesses throughout Scotland. We have offices in Aberdeen, Edinburgh, and Glasgow. At Mother, we offer cost-effective, high-quality, and dependable IT solutions tailored to your legal practice. 

We understand the legal industry and the IT support that is required. We recognise that law firms require IT help to guarantee that every area of their firm is secure and protected, with confidentiality as a top priority. Having smooth-running IT support will allow your law practice, whether small or large, to operate productively.

IT Support Services tailored to you


Mother Technologies offers a variety of IT solutions for legal firms that will help them provide high levels of service to their clients. We are aware that security is a top priority for law firms as they deal with highly-sensitive information daily and will work to ensure that all your information is secure. Additionally, we will ensure that technology is used to its fullest potential by streamlining IT operations, allowing employees to communicate effectively, work remotely, and much more.

Want an IT solution tailored to your needs?
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Fully Outsourced IT Support

Mother is capable of fully managing your IT framework. We’ll offer reliable and consistent support to ensure your IT operates without stress. This gives your non-profit organisations peace of mind surrounding your IT, allowing you to focus on your charity’s goals.

Manage your entire IT Infrastructure

Flexible Contracts

Remote and Onsite Support

Help to cut organisation costs

Complementary IT Support

We are aware that a lot of charities have a dedicated internal IT team. Mother can assist this team when you require us. Our support staff will adapt a bespoke solution to fit your needs using our extensive support services.

Assist your Internal IT Team

Strategic Assistance & Consultancy

Overflow Services

Emergency Support

Benefits of our IT Support for law firms

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  • Free up time to focus on key tasks
  • Improve flexible working practices 
  • Streamline IT operations throughout the firm
  • Boost employee productivity


Key Services for Legal Practices

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IT Support
Law Firms

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Cyber Security for Law Firms

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Cloud Services for Law Firms

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Law Firms

Law Firms

Why choose Mother as your IT Service provider?

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Tailored Solutions

Mother offers a variety of flexible support contracts for on-site and remote support. We will work with your organisation to deliver a high level of IT support and advice to meet the individual needs of your law firm. 

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Ongoing Support

Mother’s dedicated team stays updated on the latest technological advances. This ensures they can provide your organisation with ongoing IT support and exceptional customer service.

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Mother has worked with numerous legal practices throughout Scotland, delivering both fully managed and complementary support. Our IT expertise allows us to meet the demands of the legal sector. 

Want to find out how Mother can help your organisation?