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As your businesses expands its range of applications, devices, and connections, the potential for cyber attackers to breach your network grows.

However, there’s a superior approach to safeguarding your network—one that identifies and prevents even the most recent threats. It’s known as Endpoint Detection and Response (EDR).

Protecting your business, employees, and customers becomes seamless with our Managed EDR solution, which not only blocks threats but also becomes increasingly intelligent through artificial intelligence advancements. This solution has a proven track record against ransomware, offering the added advantage of restoring devices infected with ransomware to their state before the infection. This feature spares you from the pain of negotiating with cyber attackers, paying ransoms, and worrying about data recovery.

Why RoundClock EDR?

green tickGive you better protection against zero-day threats

green tickHelp you spot and deal with ransomware attacks more easily and quickly

green tickLower your risk profile

green tickAutomatically remediate any system damage cause by malware

green tickAllow you the flexibility of systems rollback to an uncorrupted state if needed

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How will EDR benefit your organisation?

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Increase employee productivity

Keep devices running smoothly, minimising interruptions that can hinder employee productivity.

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Minimise Downtime

Cut down on the expensive time lost due to security threat incidents.

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Leave it to experts

Avoid the hassle of handling your systems and security. Focus on growing your business with ongoing support from your managed service provider.

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