GDPR and Mother Technologies - 1. Firewall Protection

Here at Mother Technologies we know that you will have been bombarded with companies looking to engage with you in relation the upcoming GDPR deadline – we certainly have been!

The good news is that for most of us GDPR is not as a big a mission as some would have you believe. Yes, it is a thorn in most of our sides but the principles behind GDPR are reasonable – be responsible with your data.

In this, the first in a series surrounding cyber security, we are looking at the most significant threat area of vulnerability – your internet connection.

How are you protected?

You will have a firewall at present but given the nature of today’s threats is a firewall alone enough? We at Mother recommend the use of Cisco ASA firewall enabled with SmartNet Cover and FirePower.

A firewall protects your business by denying unauthorised entry by opportunists and cyber criminals. You are not likely to be aware of how often your business is being ‘attacked’; it will be daily and your inbox would be saturated with alerts if you received a notification for every abuse attempt. Cyber threats are unfortunately becoming extremely advanced and you need to make sure your firewall is of a grade to combat more modern and sophisticated attacks. With Cisco SmartNet and FirePower you have the peace of mind of enhanced security and the latest firmware upgrades to keep you and your data protected.

If you’d like to find out more about these please see the data sheet here.

What next?

Of course, cyber threats don’t just enter via your firewall, they are just as prevalent from within your organisation and this will be the subject of our next update!

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