Medium Business

Your business has hit that critical mass. A fully managed ICT system may still be best fit if you don’t have an internal IT function and want to avoid capital intensive on-site solutions. See our Small Business page for more information.

For the IT director of a medium sized business: Your system and support model needs to adequately keep up with your emerging needs as well as offer maximum cost efficiency. With a growing ICT system, we have the resources and in-depth expertise you can call on to deliver manageable solutions.

We can be your support mechanism for when things get hectic or you’re away from the office. Having access to accredited engineers across a spectrum of disciplines is a life saver, helping you plan to avoid issues or resolve them quickly as they surface. After all, constant firefighting is never ideal. We can act as your own internal team picking up the slack.

Our extensive track record involves all aspects of hardware, system management and network connectivity, helping you with sourcing, set up, installation or upgrades. And our hosted services allow you the opportunity to offload various aspects of your system to make your workload more manageable.

Best of all, with the breadth of our service offering, you only need to deal with one supplier and have one point of contact for all IT, telecom and connectivity issues. Simplicity is what we offer.

Browse through our service lines to see exactly what we can do, or have a look at our case studies to see how we’ve helped other customers.

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