Microsoft 365 Education

Improve the educational experience with Microsoft 365 Education

Technology is transforming the way schools operate and how students learn, Microsoft 365 being one of them. Microsoft 365 Education, previously known as Office 365 Education, brings an array of benefits to education in the classroom and across the board, helping your school succeed.

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Tools to enhance learning, organising, connections, and creativity

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Build Collaborative Classrooms

Allow students to work together on documents in real time while also allowing them to engage in numerous means of communication ranging from text to voice to video calls. 

Safety and Security

Use a single dashboard to manage users, data, and devices. Protect personal identity, apps, data, and devices with machine learning-enhanced intelligent security. 

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Save Time

Help teachers save time on tasks like lesson planning and assessment tracking.

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Meet the needs of individual students

Interactive technologies that support each student during daily class activities.

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Unlock Student Creativity

Creating engaging and personalised learning content to increase student creativity. 

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What is included in Microsoft 365 for Education?

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Microsoft 365 for Education includes popular applications such as Teams, Outlook, Word, PowerPoint, Excel, OneNote and more. M365 allows students, teachers, IT staff, and senior team members to access all files remotely in one place using the cloud.  

Microsoft Teams for Schools

Microsoft Teams is a digital platform that centralises meetings, resources, and apps. Educators can collaborate in the classroom, join professional learning communities, and interact with other staff. Microsoft teams for education includes video calling and conferencing, instant messaging, and much more. 

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Prepare students for the future digital workplace

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User-friendly for students

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Allows peer review and collaboration for group work

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Create a community of learners

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Work from anywhere

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