Next-Generation Firewall

Secure your Business with a Next Generation Firewall

In today’s evolving digital landscape, securing your business from cyber threats has never been more critical. Traditional firewalls, while once the backbone of network security, now fall short against today’s sophisticated attacks. A Next Generation Firewall (NGFW) is a robust solution providing advanced security features and comprehensive network protection. 

What is a Next Generation Firewall?

A NGFW is a more advanced security system compared to traditional firewalls. They provide improved protection by monitoring and controlling network traffic using security measures. It also uses advanced techniques to quickly identify and stop potential threats.

NGFWs can identify and control applications. They can also block unauthorized access attempts.

Additionally, they provide better visibility into network traffic and user behaviour. This enhances network security against cyber threats.

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Key Features of a Next Generation Firewall

NextGen Firewalls have advanced features. Firewalls include stateful inspection, deep packet inspection, cloud deployment, threat intelligence integration, integrated intrusion prevention, and evolving threat defence. They are designed to enhance network security against modern cyber threats.

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Stateful Inspection

Stateful inspection in advanced firewalls (NGFWs) tracks ongoing network connections, remembering past interactions. Unlike traditional firewalls that check each packet separately, stateful inspection sees the whole picture, allowing for better threat detection and prevention.

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Deep Packet Inspection

Deep Packet Inspection (DPI) improves security by thoroughly analysing the data within each packet that passes through the firewall. This thorough inspection detects and blocks hazardous content or strange activities in real time, providing an additional layer of security against advanced threats.

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Cloud Implementation

Modern Next-Generation Firewalls can be deployed in the cloud, which is essential for businesses using cloud services. This ensures security policies are consistently applied across all cloud environments, offering seamless protection for cloud-based applications.

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Threat Intelligence

NGFWs use threat intelligence to stay ahead of new threats. By incorporating real-time threat data from various sources, these firewalls can proactively block harmful traffic and quickly detect and respond to potential threats.

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Integrated Intrusion Prevention

An Integrated Intrusion Prevention System is a critical component of NGFWs that assists in detecting and stopping a wide range of attack types. By merging IPS with additional security measures, NGFWs offer a more comprehensive approach to threat detection and mitigation.

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Evolving Threat Defence

Evolving threat defence in NGFWs is an ongoing process that entails continuous learning and adaptation. With machine learning capabilities, NGFWs learn from past incidents to improve detection and prevention techniques. By updating their knowledge base and refining algorithms, NGFWs stay ahead of emerging threats, ensuring robust protection against future attacks.

Why Choose a Next Generation Firewall?

Comprehensive Visibility

NGFWs provide clear insight into network traffic, user actions, and app usage, making them a valuable tool for monitoring. This level of insight is key for identifying vulnerabilities, monitoring compliance, and enhancing network performance.

Quickest Time to Detection

The industry average for detecting a security breach is currently between 100 and 200 days, which is too long. NGFWs significantly minimise this time, frequently detecting threats in seconds and identifying attacks in minutes or hours, allowing for immediate action.

Application Control

NGFWs can recognise and control applications in your network. This allows you to set rules for usage, prioritise certain applications, and prevent unauthorised ones. This control helps maintain network integrity and ensures that bandwidth is used efficiently.

Benefits of Implementing a Next Generation Firewall

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Reduce Risk

By adopting proactive security measures, NGFWs significantly reduce the risk of cyber attacks. They provide effective protection against a variety of threats, ensuring your business remains secure and resilient.

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Improved Network Performance

NGFWs improve network speed by managing bandwidth and prioritising necessary applications. This ensures that your most important business processes run smoothly and without interruption.

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Regulatory Compliance

Many industries are subject to intense security requirements and laws. NGFWs enable your organisation satisfy these requirements by delivering security controls and reporting capabilities, assisting in regulatory compliance.

Investing in an NGFW not only enhances your security posture but also improves network performance, reduces risks, and ensures compliance with industry regulations. Secure your business today with a Next Generation Firewall.