Complementary IT Support – St Margaret’s School for Girls

Case Study

Complementary IT Support: St Margaret's School for Girls


Founded in 1846, St Margaret’s School for Girls is the oldest all-through girls’ school in Scotland. The school endeavours to provide girls aged 3-18 with a sound academic experience, preparing them for entry into higher and further education, and ensuring that they are socially aware and prepared to cope with the challenges of the competitive world beyond school. St Margaret’s is large enough to offer flexibility and choice in terms of the curriculum and extra-curricular activities, but small enough to ensure that each girl is well known within a friendly atmosphere.

When COVID-19 hit in early 2020, St Margaret’s faced new challenges. In an effort to ensure the prompt continuity of its operations and support its internal Network Manager. The school made the decision to bring in external expertise.

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  • The school saw an opportunity to bring in additional expertise to support the internal team both in the day to day operations and to assist with longer term strategic goals. 
  • The school recognised that technology was becoming more complex, and they wanted to be at the forefront of innovation. They want to tackle challenges in areas like networking, infrastructure, security, and Google for Education.
  • The school saw that bringing in additional external expertise was an opportunity to strengthen their internal team. 


  • St Margaret’s was impressed by Mother’s deep understanding of the education sector.
  • To meet St Margaret’s needs, Mother proposed a Rolling Bank of Hours Contract – a cost-effective solution that would provide the support the school needed when it was needed.
  • Mother’s tried and tested onboarding method (MOM), assured St Margaret’s that the transition would be seamless.
  • Regular strategic planning meetings were introduced to ensure that the school’s technology was always aligned with its strategic goals.


  • With the Rolling Bank of Hours Contract, the school was able to add a wealth of expertise and experience to its team with little financial impact. 
  • Mother’s collaborative approach removed any fears the Network Manager may have had. As a result, the Leadership Team at St Margaret’s now view Mother as a valuable extension of their internal IT department.
  • With Mother’s team of support experts at the ready, St Margaret’s can focus on what they do best – providing an outstanding education for their students. They can trust that Mother is always available to resolve any tech issues that may arise.
  • Mother’s comprehensive onboarding process, which includes a full network assessment, remote monitoring, and detailed documentation, gives the school the assurance and peace of mind it needs to thrive.
  • By working together with Mother, St Margaret’s is moving closer to their ultimate goal of creating a 3-year Strategic Technology Plan. With regular meetings in place, the school is confident that they have the right partner to help them navigate the ever-changing world of technology.

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