SoftClient for the Liberty Communications Platform

Liberty Mobile Client

The Liberty Mobile Client is a modern unified communications app that adds feature-rich business telephony to your mobile device over WiFi or the 4G network.

liberty mobile client


The Liberty Mobile Client connects via the Internet to the Liberty Communications Platform and brings full business desk-phone functionality to your mobile device. It can be configured to act as your only business extension or twinned with other extensions such as your desk phone. It is ideal for roaming users who need their extension with them at all times.

Call Control

Desk Phone Functionality

Extensive telephony call control features (eg. Call, Answer, Transfer, Attended Transfer, Consult, Conference, Deflect, Toggle, Mute & Do Not Disturb)

Number Continuity Across Multiple Devices

One Number

Deploy the Mobile Client as a user’s primary device or twin it with a desk phone. All of your devices can operate in a personal group and share your business phone number


Apple and Android

The Liberty Mobile Client is an advanced softclient for the Liberty Hosted Communications Platform platform available for Android and Applis IOS devices.



Seamless integration with the Liberty Internal Directory, Speed Dial List, Global External Directories, Personal Directories, Outlook Contacts and Imports.


Journal Tracking

Historical Journal for tracking all call and voicemail events.


Status Settings

Control your presence (eg. Office, Meeting, Sick, Break, Gone Out, Vacation, Lunch, At Home & Do Not Disturb)

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