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Working with ‘frog’ design, a world renowned industry leader in product design, handsets for the Liberty Communications Platform are a line of beautiful devices that people like to use. The result is a simplified user interface with relevant features combined to meet a broad set of use cases in a concentrated family of phones. 

Desk Phone CP100
Premium Desk Phone

The CP100

The CP100 is the ideal device for entry level, low-cost scenarios.

It boasts a large display, two fixed function keys and three soft labelling keys. It includes an internal 10/100 Ethernet switch and is wall-mountable out of the box without the need for a separate kit. It supports two standing position to suit most desktop requirements.

Desk Phone CP200
Premium Desk Phone

The CP200

The CP200 is an uncompromising value phone for easy entry into VoIP telephony and the most frequently deployed.

It includes a 10/100 Ethernet switch, supports an extensive range of features, has a headset socket and four programmable function keys. In addition, the phone has fixed-function keys for ‘hold’, ‘transfer’ and ‘conference’ to quickly interact with call parties.

CP205 Variant: Integrated Gigabit Switch and reduced power consumption

Desk Phone CP400
Executive Desk Phone

The CP400

The CP400 is the midrange phone for the professional user.

The device has an integrated Gigabit switch, a tiltable graphic display, a headset port and sixteen programmable function keys with tri-coloured status indicators. The function keys can be expanded with the addition of a further two KM400 16-key modules.

Desk Phone CP600
Executive Desk Phone

The CP600

The CP600E is designed for the collaborative workplace.

The design is particularly suitable for mobile workers or environments. It has an integrated Gigabit switch, a headset port and a tiltable LCD graphical display with four programmable function keys. The image shows a 12-key LCD module attached which can be extended up to a maximum of two. The key module provides interactive line information with tri-colour status LED indicators.

CP600 Variant: Integrated Bluetooth for HD audio quality connections, colour display and expansion for up to four 12-key KM600 LCD modules

Desk Phone CP700
Executive Desk Phone

The CP700

The CP700 is a comprehensive desktop powerhouse.

The phone has an integrated Gigabit switch, an extra-large colour tiltable graphics display with twelve built-in programmable keys, a headset port, built-in Wi-Fi and Bluetooth. There’s an extra set of fixed-function keys for intuitive transactions; menu, presence, voicemail, hold, transfer, conference and redial. The image shows a 12-key LCD module attached; you can add a maximum of two.

CP700X Variant: Up to a four 12-key LCD modules

Desk Phone Key Module 400 Add-On
Desk Phone Add-Ons

Key Module 400

The KM400 is an optional paper-labelled key module for the CP400. It has 16 programmable feature keys with LEDs.

A maximum of 2 modules can be added per device.

Desk Phone Key Module 600 Add-On
Desk Phone Add-Ons

Key Module 600

The KM600 is an optional LCD key module for the CP600 and CP700 handsets. It has 12 programmable  feature keys with status LEDs and 2 navigation keys.

A maximum of two modules can be added to the CP600E and CP700. A maximum of four modules can be added to the CP600 and CP700X.


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