Tech New Year’s Resolutions for your business in 2023

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5 Technology New Year’s Resolutions For Businesses In 2023

It’s that time of year again! It’s time to put 2022 behind us and begin 2023. New Year’s resolutions are an excellent way to reflect on the previous year and start planning for positive changes in 2023 for your business.

To ensure your company’s success in the coming year, we’ve compiled a list of IT-related New Year resolutions to help you make the most of your IT in 2023.

Prioritise your Passwords

As cyberattacks are becoming more frequent and advanced, and we continue to rely on technology, effective password management has become critical for a business to protect their credentials against unauthorised access to accounts and services.

Using secure passwords forms a barrier between your data and hackers. Businesses should pay close attention to how passwords are managed and educate their staff on how to do so.

Improve your Internet Speed

Tired of your internet speeds being slow? Nowadays, businesses cannot survive and thrive without having access to fast internet services. So, what are the benefits of having faster internet for your business?

Increasing internet speeds for your business allows employees to conduct work more efficiently. For example, employees will be able to download documents faster and access applications and collaborate on the cloud.

We are experts in providing full fibre to businesses of all types throughout Scotland, helping them get the faster internet connections they need.

Reduce E-Waste

E-Waste is becoming increasingly problematic, with the equivalent of 800 laptops being left to waste every second. This leads to serious environmental risks such as releasing harmful chemicals and greenhouse gases into the atmosphere.

The solution is to dispose of your old or unwanted tech in an environmentally friendly way. We work with the local social enterprise Edinburgh Remakery to repair, remanufacture, or recycle your old and unwanted tech items. So, before you throw any old hardware in the bin, get in touch with a member of our team, and we will dispose of it for you instead of leaving it in a landfill.

Effective Disaster Recovery Plan

Nowadays, technology underpins almost every aspect of business, and we rely heavily on it. As a result, organisations must have effective disaster recovery plans in place to recover IT systems in the event of a failure. Having an effective recovery plan tailored to your business can help reduce damage or disruption.

Mother provides a variety of disaster recovery plans that can help your business recover quickly and securely in the event of a disaster. This will give you peace of mind that all your company’s IT systems are secure and will allow you to recover from any disaster.

Embrace Technology

When used correctly, IT can be used by businesses to enhance innovation, boost employee productivity, improve overall business operations, and reduce costs.

An effective IT strategy will set goals and objectives on how technologies will be implemented and used within the business. Having an IT strategy in place ensures that you are leveraging technology to its fullest. With significantly more IT options than there used to be and more emerging every day, it can be overwhelming for a business to figure out what technologies they should use to enhance their business.

No matter the size of your organisation, or your budget, Mother Technologies can help you create an IT strategy that aligns with your business goals, allowing you to make the most out of technology within your organisation.

If you need help achieving any of these resolutions then get in touch with a member of our team to find out how we can help