Why should your business outsource its IT support?

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IT Support: Why should my company Outsource?

Outsourcing has become an increasingly popular tool for businesses today. Previously, many organisations would decide to manage their own IT. You will depend on technology in some way to operate because IT is a crucial component of all businesses, whether you run a school, charity, or law firm. 

However, as technology advances and businesses grow, IT becomes increasingly problematic and more difficult to deal with internally. This is why outsourcing IT services has become a common business practice for many organisations.

Here are the 5 main advantages of outsourcing your IT Support

Reduce Costs

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Focus on Goals

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Increase Productivity

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Access to knowledge

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Resources on Demand

Reduce Costs

Paying in-house IT teams is costly and often cannot be afforded by smaller businesses. Additionally, there is the extra cost of recruitment, company benefits, and ongoing training. 

Mother Technologies’ fully managed outsourced IT support can help your organisation save money. We eliminate all HR costs, and you only pay for what you require.  

All your expenses are rolled into a single monthly payment with no hidden costs. We provide affordable solutions that can be customised to your company’s budget. These cost savings will allow you to use your finances more effectively. 

Focus Remains of Key Business Goals

IT can consume vast amounts of time, especially trouble-shooting day-to-day issues you can easily be side-tracked. This takes up valuable time that could be spent elsewhere, impacting your business functionality. Fully outsourcing IT means that we handle everything IT-related. Therefore, a benefit of outsourcing is that staff can return their attention to where it belongs to focus on business development and success.   

Additionally, fully outsourcing IT support can remove the burden on HR. We remove the hassle surrounding various components of HR such as payroll, employee regulations, and employee benefits among much more. All of these can end up shifting the focus away from the areas of business, which should be the priority. 

Increase Business Productivity

We work hard to understand your company’s needs and goals so that we can handle long-term projects and strategic planning. Our technicians are industry experts and are consistently trained and educated on the latest tech. Therefore, we can provide you with informed advice on the IT Solutions you should be implementing. This will allow your business to excel in the long term and save time. 

Additionally, we have a proactive approach to IT. Our 24-hour monitoring package ensures any issues that arise are rectified before they impact your business processes. Because when your IT is out of action your business comes to a standstill. As a result, the risk is lowered, downtime is kept to a minimum, and business productivity is increased. This is difficult to achieve when you manage your IT internally as approaches are reactive rather than proactive.  

Technical Knowledge and Competency

Our dedicated helpdesk, manned by highly skilled engineers will support your business’s IT infrastructure around the clock remotely and on-site. As a customer of Mother, you will have access to a full range of technical skills. Our fully qualified, expert team can solve any complex issues that arise, giving you security surrounding your IT operations. 

Resources on Demand

We can provide support services at critical points of the year. For example, during busy periods you may need more technical support. We guarantee that there will always be someone to take your call and provide IT solutions when required. 

Businesses choose to outsource as they can get the necessary resources at the relevant times. Additionally, you will not be left vulnerable to having just one staff member.  

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