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Whether your data is held in the cloud or stored on local devices, business and personal information is accessible by opportunists and cyber criminals unless appropriate action is taken to protect it. Whilst we are all conscious of the risk, the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) is forcing businesses to act responsibly and take the necessary steps to secure and protect your data.

Cisco ASA Firewall & FirePower

A firewall protects your business by denying unauthorised entry by opportunists and cyber criminals. You are not likely to be aware of how often your business is being attacked; it will be daily and your inbox would be saturated with alerts if you received a notification for every abuse attempt. Cyber threats are unfortunately becoming extremely advanced and you need to make sure your firewall is of a grade to combat modern sophisticated attacks.

Cisco are the world’s leading vendor in network security and the Cisco ASA is the most widely deployed enterprise-class firewall in the world. It is a superior security appliance designed to beat today’s sophisticated cyber threats. Whether on-premise or hosted, we recommend Cisco ASA firewall’s to all of our customers. SmartNet Cover is also vital to ensure your firewall is regularly updated to combat the latest threats.

Cisco FirePower adds critical layers of additional security to your ASA firewall; IPS (Intrusion Prevention System, AMP (Anti-Malware Protection) and URL (Content Filtering).

Please refer to the datasheet below, “Cisco ASA & Firepower” for a brief summary.


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Cyber Security

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