Support Agreements

Support Agreements

Mother has a flexible array of support models from ‘Bank of Hours’ to the fixed-cost arrangements preferred by most of our customers.

‘Standard’ Bank of Hours

A bank of hours allows you to buy support hours in bulk for a discount. Support is drawn from your bank in 15 minute intervals. When it approaches zero, it can be topped up again. A Bank of Hours’ is common in the IT industry because of the administrative burden that accompanies the volume of low-value invoices that can be associated with helpdesk activities.

‘Rolling’ Bank of Hours

The Rolling Bank of Hours allows customers take advantage of the discounted rates associated with a Standard Bank of Hours without paying for the entire bank upfront. An annual usage is estimated and invoiced quarterly in advance. Unused hours in any quarter are carried forward to the following quarter and any excesses are charged additionally. The ‘Rolling Bank of Hours’ was created by Mother and has proven far more popular than the Standard Bank of Hours.

Fixed Cost

Under a fixed-cost arrangement, Mother assumes complete responsibility for the management of the system being supported. Beyond the agreed annual fee, there are no additional charges for any reactive or proactive support activities.

Emergency Care

Emergency Care may be purchased as a separate subscription to any support agreement. Emergency Care provides our customer with access to our on-call engineers 24/7/365.